What is Telebond?

Telebond was created to improve video calls and facilitate easy payment between experts and clients in a single solution. Our tool offers a variety of features to help your expert deliver quality sessions – but there can’t be a successful session without you!

Telebond allows you to participate in a session without the hassle of navigating multiple platforms, accounts, and payment methods every time you want to talk to an expert online.

We’ve designed Telebond to help you get the most out of your sessions, because what really matters is bringing you a great online experience with your expert.

Telebond’s enhances your sessions with experts through features like:

Video calling
Automatic payment
Calendar integration
Instant chat

Why Should You Use Telebond?


All-in-one solution

everything you need for a session is located in a single platform, including video calls and automatic payments;


your money goes directly to your expert through easy, automatic payments via PayPal


your information, calls, messages, and data are secure

No download

there’s no need to install software or registration required - just click the link and start talking.


there’s no cost for using Telebond as a client

The Telebond Direct Button

The Telebond Direct Button is a button that experts can add to their public listing, online profiles, social media platforms, and website that allows you to contact them directly and request a session.

When you click on your expert’s Telebond Direct button, you can:

  • Request a session with a single click
  • Message your expert and schedule a session
  • Start the booking process as soon as you decide on your expert