Video calls specially engineered

Designed to fit your needs

We developed Telebond with you in mind: high image and sound quality, good handling of unstable networks, a chat window for each session and a built-in timer that shows where you are in your booked session so that there’s more productive decision-making and engagement.

Conveniently embedded in your browser

Access your sessions whenever and wherever you want, directly from any Chrome or Firefox browser. No download is required, making the experience easy and efficient for both you and your clients.

We only charge when we deliver

If a session can not be conducted because of technical issues on our end, we refund the Telebond service fee back to you.

Seamless payment integration

Decide how you want to charge

Telebond supports both minute-based and session-based pricing models to charge your clients. Select the option that best suits your preferences each time you create a new session.

Get paid with PayPal

After a video session is created, clients conveniently pay you by credit card or with their PayPal account in advance. A simple click guides them through a familiar payment process to make sure you receive your money in time.

Easily find your billing info

We automated parts of the billing process for you, making it a lot more hassle-free. All the information you need is in one place, so that you can easily copy and paste for your records and use.

A customizable view of your Sessions & Earnings

Get intel on your income

Your Sessions & Earnings dashboard shows you all of the sessions you’ve held, and how much you’ve made. Use the filtered views to sort by date or by client to see which clients are most active and sessions most profitable.

Manage your admin

Telebond allows you to track your earnings and offers invoicing support, so you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time working with your clients.

Predict your earning potential

By seeing what your upcoming schedule looks like, you can how gauge how busy you’ll be and how much money you’ll make. With this insight, you can plan ahead and grow for your business.

Effective time management

Save time with effortless scheduling

Arranging a session is time consuming. Your Telebond profile will show clients who you are, what you are offering and the option to immediately request a session with you. You save time on administration as both parties can set an appointment with just a few streamlined clicks.

Easily manage your appointments

Benefit from a comprehensive overview of everything you need on Telebond’s dashboard. Access your appointments along with your clients’ information, important dates, topic descriptions, session lengths and price details - all in one view.

Get automatic email notifications

Both you and your clients receive email notifications anytime there are session or payment updates, changes or cancellations. Your time is valuable.

Protection you can trust

Your data is encrypted

Security is a priority. The data outside a call is SSL encrypted, whereas inside it is end-to-end encrypted. This makes the information exchanged readable to only you and your clients, protecting it from outside interceptions.

We respect your privacy

Thanks to peer-to-peer encryption, the information between you and your clients are direct and private. Your data cannot be read by Telebond, be used for advertising or be shared to any other third party.

Be at ease with PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest online payment options globally and ensures the utmost security for your financial dealings. Transactions are monitored 24/7, information is never shared and Buyer Protection is offered.