Telebond Direct

A digital button to grow your business

Expand your clientele

Turn prospects into new clients by adding Telebond Direct to your website or online listings. Gain more new clients and grow your business by meeting people where they are - and giving them the opportunity to message you and then start a session on Telebond as soon as they find you.

Simplify booking

Streamline your booking process within the Telebond dashboard. When clients click on Telebond Direct, you receive their request and can arrange for time and date, set your fee, and coordinate appointment details. For each call, Telebond takes care of payment and other specifics so you can fully focus on your clients.

Implement quickly and easily

Install Telebond Direct to your website or profiles by adding our simple code snippet to your website. Better yet - add a link to your social media profiles or email footer to direct even more clients to your services. No web design or programming knowledge is necessary; we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.