Vision and Mission

Telebond is all about Creating Value Together.

Today’s world has created significant demand for people’s individual knowledge, skills and experiences. While internet has become the perfect medium to find each other, no professional platform exists that allows people to seamless connect, transact and optimise time.

Telebond was born with the mission to maximize the value of your knowledge and expertise, combining video calls and payment in a simple and secure way – all at the click of a button.

At Telebond we believe in the value of people and human element when information is exchanged. We want individuals to thrive.  We work hard to break down barriers stopping information to flow freely. We want to encourage people to use the benefits of the internet, trading knowledge, skills and experiences online, peer to peer in the most direct way.

Company Overview

Telebond Communications was founded in 2016 as a diverse group of experienced talents spread across the globe, working to deliver what we promise to our users.